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Rhea Thönges-Stringaris
Joseph Beuys in Kassel
Über die documenta hinaus


104 pages,
20 color plates and
26 b/w plates
9.5 x 6.75 cm

Rhea Thönges-Stringaris: Joseph Beuys in Kassel. Über die documenta hinaus

In this publication, the Kassel-based historian Rhea Thönges-Stringaris – a comrade-in-arms and co-initiator of Joseph Beuys' political activities on behalf of the »Free International University« (FIU) in Kassel – provides an account of her experiences collaborating with the artist during, between, and after the documenta periods. Beuys's artistic and political impact is illuminated here in exemplary ways: she discusses the installation The Pack (Das Rudel), 1969, in the Neue Galerie Kassel since 1976, the 100 days of events at the documenta 6 in 1977, the organization of the »Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research« in 1977, and the project 7000 Eichen (700 Oaks) in 1982, which Thönges-Stringaris supported up to its successful implementation in 1987.
The author provides detailed documentation of Beuys's redefinition of the concept of capital as a fundamental prerequisite for social transformation. The interview with Beuys, conducted in 1980, expands upon the topic of ecology and socialism. In her essay »Hasengräber« (Hare Graves), she offers insight into a highly personal experience with a dead hare that was discarded at her front door. Ultimately, Thönges-Stringaris and Beuys together buried the animal – for Beuys the quintessential embodiment of movement and transformation – in a garden, its missing head replaced by a stone heart.

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