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Richard Deacon. On The Other Side
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Richard Deacon
On The Other Side

Bilingual German and 
English edition

136 pages,
95 color plates and
6 b/w-plates
11.25 x 9 inches

Richard Deacon. On The Other Side

Richard Deacon, born 1949 in Wales, can look back on a sculptural work that spans four decades and that was the subject of a 2014 retrospective at Tate Britain in London. 
Deacon is not the classical sculptor who approaches the inner form by modelling or from the outside by effacing material. Rather he evolves his sculptures from an engagement with the properties of his material and his techniques for working on them. He fabricates his elaborate pieces in collaboration with wood-working and ceramic workshops as well as with steel construction companies, whereby either the finished product proceeds from small models or, without knowing the result beforehand, it is his choice of the different, supposedly incompatible materials that have an impact on the sculpture.
Also decisive for developing his work is his poetic interest in the metaphoric significance of its forms, which comes across in his texts and work titles. Thus the title of this publication, On The Other Side, declares that his work stands on the other side of what it counters. The selection from his works presented here shows us pieces in wood, metal and ceramic, monumental as well as smaller items and organic forms alongside of constructed ones.
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