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Kunstmuseum Winterthur Bd. 5
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Kunstmuseum Winterthur
Katalog der Gemälde und Skulpturen
Bd. 5


Dieter Schwarz

Clothbound with
488 pages,
308 color plates
and 12 b/w plates
11.8 x 9 cm

Kunstmuseum Winterthur – Katalog der Gemälde und Skulpturen Bd. 5

The present publication is the final installment of the complete catalog of paintings and sculptures of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur. Without exception, vol. 5 contains works acquired by Dieter Schwarz, Director of the Kunstmuseum Winterthur since 1990. While the focus of the first four volumes is on 19th and 20th century art as well as the art of the postwar era, the present volume contains a representative overview of works by members of the generation of artists who formulated innovative conceptions – in the realms of painting as well as of sculpture – during the 1960s. In doing so, they confronted and even transgressed the boundaries of both media, profoundly reshaping the art of the ensuing years in the United States as well as in Europe.
Recent acquisitions of major works by leading artists from the US (among them Carl Andre, Richard Artschwager, John Chamberlain, Philip Guston, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Mangold, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, David Rabinowitch, Robert Ryman, Fred Sandback, Mark Tobey, Richard Tuttle, Lawrence Weiner, Jerry Zeniuk), from Great Britain (among them Alan Charlton, Richard Deacon, Richard Long), from Italy (among them Giovanni Anselmo, Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Penone), and from Germany (among them Hanne Darboven, Isa Genzken, Gerhard Richter, Thomas Schütte) circumscribe the impressive range of this collection. This publication is an indispensable reference work, not just for experts, but indeed for anyone with a serious interest in the art of recent decades.

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